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Paula Healer

About Paula

My journey as a healer began as a little girl. Over the years I have developed an extremely strong ability to quickly affect positive and permanent changes in a persons life, energetically and supernaturally in a short amount of time. It took many years to learn how to harness my powerful gifts.


My psychic and healing abilities emerged after several supernatural spiritual phenomenon and as early as age three I was being guided by experiences that became the foundation of my healing practice. At the age of 14 I immersed myself in metaphysical and energetic studies to understand my gifts. My path to unconditional love and removing my fears lead me into the unfolding of my heart and truest self.

My personal experience of the spiritual world grew and with patience and skill starting bringing greater opportunities my way which led me to acquire more understanding. My passionate deep desire to be of service and help people grew. I began with intuitive readings bolstering my innate counseling skills in emotional and spiritual growth.


As my healing abilities blossomed I received training in Usui Reiki, DNA Thetahealing, Integrated Energy Therapy. I have learned many other healing modalities from master healers and spiritual teachers, including mastering my own inner healing throughout this journey of life, sharing deep contributions to the loving guidance of my 25 years of experience in energy healing work, readings and counseling I bring my signature of Heart Energy to you.

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