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Paula Healer

Spiritual Energy Healing

Hello, I'm Paula. You are not alone. There is a reason why you came to me. I am here to help you with your most difficult challenges. I specialize in changing lives for the better and permanently. That is why I have dedicated my heart to be of service and show you your inner freedom, power and happiness.

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Spiritual Services


Energy Healing Session

Are you experiencing emotional imbalances, negative thoughts, depression, anxiety, stress, anger, deep wounds from the past, trauma/ptsd, drained energy, insomnia? Are you suffering from a heartbreak or loss in your life? If your body’s life force feels out of balance or compromised or maybe you just want to clear your energy and raise your vibration to feel your self again, then this may be a perfect opportunity to receive a healing. When you are in your highest vibrational alignment your body creates it’s own natural healing abilities and you become a stronger magnet to the things you desire. Returning to you and to your vitality is a empowering choice to make for yourself! I honor all the ways in which you need to be seen with the deepest attention, empathy, release of judgement, sincerity, and compassion in each session. I intend to co-create with you and share my healing gifts in service to your mind, body, souls greatest peace, joy, harmony, and balance. If you want results the first time and are tired of going to people that don't know how to make energy healing work permanent. Book a healing with me…

Relationship and Life Coaching


Would you like to have your ex back? Are you in a relationship where your partner seems to be pulling away and you don't know what to do? I have the answers and solution for you. I am an expert on relationship and dating advice. With my intuitive skills I can tap into the mind of your lover and read exactly what he or she is feeling and what they need from you. I can help you save your relationship before it's too late. I will activate your energy to become more magnetic and teach your mind to deeply understand the mind of your lover. Getting what you want in life is an inside job, you will understand yourself and learn ways to enhance your relationship.


There are many reasons why a relationship would start to go bad or even end, I can help you prevent this by showing you how develop your confidence and self-esteem which is the main ingredient to keep someone you love. Miscommunications that lead to fights can cause separation. You will learn how to change the way you communicate, learn their language in terms of what to say and what not to say when you want your partner to understand you and bring them closer.



Psychic Readings

I am a natural born intuitive, psychic, clairvoyant, empath, medium with over 25 years experience in readings. I am here to guide you in the right direction as well as give you predictions. I specialize in love readings, money, career, family issues, all areas of life, dream interpretation and spiritual guidance. Depending on your questions I use different decks of cards in my readings. I do not need to use cards, I only use them for clients that request it. I give past, present and future insight and time frames. 


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