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Relationship Life Coaching (By Phone)

I will give you answers & solutions to the challenges in your relationship and your life

  • 1 hour
  • $150
  • This session is done over the phone.

Service Description

I am an expert on relationship and dating advice. I help people deeply understand themselves and the mind of their lover on an emotional and intuitive level. There are many reasons why a relationship would go bad or even end. I can help you bring your ex back and through energy work I can go into your mind to make permanent shifts to develop your confidence, self-esteem and self acceptance. Certainty of who you are is the number one way to draw in what you want. People fall in love with a certain energy vibration, confidence and self assurance, not fear. Fear based beliefs and actions are the main cause of all problems. Insecurities in a love relationship usually will repel a partner. Many people go through life totally unconscious of their own thoughts, programs, actions, beliefs and behaviors and wonder why they keep attracting the wrong partner or repelling the one they love and not knowing why. I will challenge your old beliefs that are not working for you to open your eyes in understanding yourself and the repetitive problems you keep going through. I will remove the blocks that are holding you back to bring awareness and help you see the reasons why your relationships are not working and show you a way to make them work. If you are in bad or abusive relationship, I will help raise your consciousness by raising your thoughts to think and feel higher of yourself. I will bust your fantasy bubbles and challenge your old fear-based beliefs that keep you in a loop of destruction. You will be free you from your old mind and completely free from the subconscious programs that are holding you back. I also offer general Life Coaching to solve difficult life problems. You will learn how to shake others influence over you and stop being taken advantage of. You will learn how to spot emotions, beliefs, fears and thoughts that limit your ability to be happy, think more clearly and wisely. The coaching process addresses specific areas in your life, general conditions and transitions such as personal growth, staying balanced, ability to focus clearly, improve your job situation, bring your passion back, eliminate negativity and feel more positive by examining what is going on right now, how you have been going against yourself, discovering what your obstacles or challenges might be, and choosing the best course of action to make your life more beautiful and loving the way you want it to be. This session includes a reading.

Contact Details

+ (310) 993-2249


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