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Energy Healing Session (By Phone)

The Ultimate Healing Power Session

  • 2 hours
  • 250 US dollars
  • This session is done over the phone.

Service Description

This two hour Healing Session is for those who want a deeper healing and are ready to let go of what no longer serves them. If you have been struggling with your emotions and trauma, you've been to other healers, spiritualist, therapists, you've done the work on yourself, you've read self help books and still you suffer emotionally, then this session is for you. I have a strong powerful healing ability to energetically change your negative thoughts patterns, subconscious beliefs, perspectives, feelings and emotional state to a happy, positive, calm and grounded state within minutes. This session also works for those that are skeptical and feeling completely hopeless. I've had many clients who have had up to 10 to 20 years of therapy for their emotional sufferings having no healing results. When they found me and experienced a healing session with me the problem was gone for good. Even if you never sought out help before and this is all new to you, I can help you. This session is a combination of a full complete Energy Healing to clear deeper emotional issues at the root cause. Reiki will also be used for Chakra Clearing and Balancing. A Soul Retrieval, Cord Cutting and Aura Cleanse to bring your body, mind and soul back in full alignment. A Psychic Reading will be given for questions you may have and includes Life Coaching to help you find solutions to your problem to obtain a higher understanding of who you truly are and help set you free from any blocks or confusion you might have. This powerful Energy Healing balances, restores and clears your aura, removes all kinds of negative energies, brings protection and good fortune, heals emotional problems and negative thoughts that can cause certain disturbances such as depression, trauma, anxiety, fear, ptsd, ocd, worry, anger, guilt, unusual mood swings, low energy, racy thoughts, constant indecisiveness, feeling out of your body, not feeling grounded, suicide thoughts, feeling like you lost yourself, dark night of soul, spiritual emergency, kundalini syndrome, empath problems, insomnia, nightmares, pain in the body, heals heartbreak, raises your vibration higher and much more. You will experience results with having only one session with me. This session is done by phone. Contact Paula for a free phone consultation today!

Contact Details

+ (310) 993-2249


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